Publications in the Year: 2007

Journal Article

Parthasarathy, S, Ravishankar M.  2007.  HIV and anaesthesia (Review Article). Indian Journal of Anaesthesia. 51(2):91-99. AbstractWebsite

The pandemic of AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is virtually creating a panic among health workers which include and medical and paramedical staff. Out of the global 40 million Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections, an estimated 5.2 millions are in India. With the advancement of the management techniques, the life span of infected patients is on the increase so that more patients will come for surgical procedures in the future. There is little information on the risk of anaesthesia in HIV infected patients. A detailed preoperative examination and investigations to unmask multisystem disorders caused either by HIV or drugs is essential. General anaesthesia is acceptable but drug interactions and multisystem disease caused by HIV should be considered preoperatively. Regional anaesthesia is safe but one must take into consideration the presence of local infections, bleeding problems and neuropathies. Routine preoperative testing for HIV is acceptable but strict adherence to universal precautions is mandatory.

Kundra, P, Khanna S, Habeebullah S, Ravishankar M.  2007.  Manual displacement of the uterus during Caesarean section, 2007/05//. Anaesthesia. 62:460-465. AbstractWebsite


Ninety ASA 1 and 2 pregnant women with term singleton pregnancies and no maternal and fetal complications, scheduled for elective or emergency Caesarean section, were randomly allocated to group LT (15 degrees left lateral table tilt

Parthasarathy, S, Ravishankar M.  2007.  Potassium ion and anaesthetic implications (Review Article), April 1, 2007. Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology. 23:129-144. AbstractWebsite


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